CPRE : Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Evaluation of the Teacher Residence at Teachers College 2 Program

Funded under the U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher Quality Partnership Grant Program, CPRE-TC is conducting a five-year evaluation of the Teaching Residents at Teachers College 2 (TR@TC2) program. TR@TC2 is an 18-month graduate-level teaching residency program leading to a New York State teacher certification and a Master’s degree, followed by a two-year induction mentoring program. The program recruits academically talented, diverse individuals and prepares them to be teachers in high-need subjects (Science, ESL and Inclusive Education) at urban schools in New York City. Teaching Residents (TRs) engage in: university coursework required by their specific certification area; an Intensive Summer Institute (ISI); two residency experiences over the full school year anchored by an ongoing Core Integrating Seminar (CIS); school visits and observations; and other professional development activities.  The objective of this mixed- methods study is to document and inform program implementation, as well as to evaluate the effects of the program on teaching residents’ educational outcomes (e.g., performance on state tests, program satisfaction, graduation rates etc.) and employment outcomes (e.g., school placement type, teaching retention rates), as compared to graduates of other Teachers College programs.

Project Team: Katharine (Katie) Conn, Wakasa Nagakura


Start date: 
September 2015
End date: 
May 2020