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Mapping the K-3 Reading Improvement Sector in New York City

This project seeks to provide information and insights that will support efforts to build the capacity for improving reading instruction and student outcomes at the K-3 level in New York City.  The term “Reading Improvement Sector” refers to the collection of programs offered by “intermediary” and support organizations that work with schools to improve reading performance and outcomes.  The researchers will collect a wide range of data about these programs in order to describe their central goals and approaches and to identify trends and gaps in the support these programs provide.  This analysis will yield an assessment of the current capacity of the programs at work in this sector and establish a baseline that a future project can build on to track the evolution of this sector over the next three to five years.  Tracking the evolution of the Sector will make it possible to document the extent to which gaps in goals, services and outcomes are being addressed over time.  In turn, that information can be used to explore the impact that policies and other initiatives to improve reading instruction and outcomes in New York City are having on the development, coordination, and effectiveness of the sector over time.

To accomplish these goals, the project will address a series of questions including:

  1. What kinds of programs are working in the K-3 Reading Improvement Sector?
  2. With whom do these programs work?
  3. What are the connections, overlaps, and gaps in the work of these programs?
  4. What are the implications for further development of the Reading Improvement Sector?

Key activities 

  • Phase I - Identifying Programs: Phase I will focus on establishing an initial list of programs that are working in New York City Public Schools to improve reading outcomes at the K-3 level.
  • Phase II - Describing Goals, Theories of Action, Services, Assessments, and Outcomes: Phase II will involve a more detailed review of a representative sample of the programs at work in the sector.
  • Phase III- Mapping the Goals, Focus, Audiences, and Outcomes of the K-3 Reading Improvement Sector in New York City:  Phase III will compare the programs in our sample, looking for trends, areas of overlap, and gaps in the goals, services, and theories of action of these programs. 

This project is supported by the Brook Astor Fund for New York City Education and the New York Community Trust.

For more information, contact Thomas Hatch, or Meesuk Ahn,

Start date: 
January 2015