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School Vouchers in the Trump Era: How Political Ideology and Religion Shape Public Opinion

Expanding school vouchers is a central component of the Trump Administration’s education agenda. However, the extent to which the Administration can fully realize this policy goal may hinge, in part, on the level of public support or opposition for the voucher method of reform and on the particular components of any proposed voucher system. In this policy brief, we report on a randomized survey experiment we conducted to identify how two key dimensions of school voucher systems—source of funding and scope of coverage—affect public opinion across various sectors of the American public. 

Political ideology and religion shape public options on vouchers, a new CPRE policy brief finds.  

More than half of American adults favor some form of school vouchers, according to a 2017 poll released this month in a newpolicy brief from the Consortium for Policy Research in Education.
The poll - designed by CPRE Senior Researcher Rand Quinn (University of Pennsylvania) and Tina Cheuk  (Stanford University) was conducted by YouGov in April 2017, two months after voucher supporter Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Secretary of Education and soon after the Trump Administration's proposed 2018 budget called for $250 million for the development and evaluation of voucher programs.
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Publication Date

March 2018