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Evaluating Progress: State Education Agencies and the Implementation of New Teacher Evaluation Systems

Three years have passed since Race to the Top (RTTT) grant-winning states have moved from planning and piloting to full implementation of new teacher evaluation systems. Yet a survey of media coverage in 2014-2015 reveals that while many states have made considerable progress in rolling out their new evaluation systems, struggles remain and most grantees have asked to extend the timetables for completing this work. An April 2015 GAO report concluded that RTTT grantees “noted various challenges to their capacity to successfully support, oversee, and implement these reform efforts.” Given the enormous importance and complexity of these reforms—and the fact that states vary widely in the timing, approach, and success of their implementation work—this is an excellent opportunity to assess the progress that has been made and identify where challenges persist. It is imperative that states learn from one another during this implementation stage, and this report by Patrick McGuinn (Drew University) aims to facilitate that by highlighting what is and is not working in the field. 

DOI: 10.12698/cpre.wp2015-09.SEAs


Patrick McGuinn

Publication Date

September 2015

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